Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Set Backs & My 10 Goals for This Week

Life has been a bit hectic for me this past month. Dealing with health issues in your family is never fun and it is beyond exhausting. Lately I have been struggling with sleep again. That is ok though I know what to do and it will get better soon I hope.

Mothering/Homemaking Goals
1. Read to Nathan every night
2. Write one note of encouragement to Nathan
3. Clean the dinning room area

Personal Goals
4. Work out 5 times this week
5. Read two books
6. Work on cross-stitch project for 30 minutes each day

Cub Scout Goals
7. Clean out supply closet
8. Organize a fundraiser sale for Saturday

Work Goals
9. Finish all shredding
10. Maintain all files for through May dates

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