Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Goals for the Week

  1. Wear jeans to work only on Friday.
  2. Get all morning work done by 11am
  1. Finish Presentation for University
  2. Talk with new Web2's about their Blue & Gold theme
  3. Check in with new Cubmaster
  1. Clean Bathroom top to bottom
  2. Get all ironing done by Friday
  3. Meal plan for next week
  1. Read every night to Nate
  2. Have a movie/game night
  3. Establish and maintain a nighttime routine
  1. Go for a walk this week
  2. Drink more water (goal drink up to 8 glasses a day)

Getting Good Sleep Again

These past couple weeks have been crazy. So many things happening some good and some bad. However that is life and you can not appreciate the good without the bad.

My biggest problem lately has been sleep as many with Fibromyalgia know getting "good" sleep is really tough. It can be especially hard when you have a child who just can't seem to go to sleep before 11pm. I finally caved and made an appointment for my son with his doctor to see if we could do something about him not sleeping as it was really having an effect on my health. I was so glad my sons doctor was able to help give us some new ideas. So far it has helped some.

And now that my son is starting to go to sleep at a better time, I am able to start taking my sleeping vitamins again. These really help me to get a few hours of decent sleep. Which has been a huge blessing to me. This morning I had enough energy to actually add putting makeup on before I left for work. Wearing make up for me is a guilty pleasure. Just a little lipstick and eye shadow make me happy and more confidant.